Architects, contractors, local authorities and engineers trust Arc Environmental to provide the geotechnical and geoenvironmental data and guidance they need for successful building and remediation projects.

Arc Environmental analyses site contamination, reports and advises on remediation, and validates work for planning purposes.

We carry out in-depth investigation of contaminated soil and groundwater.

As the renaissance of brownfield and other industrial and agricultural sites continues, the knowledge and experience we bring to remediation projects makes us a trusted partner for local authorities, developers, waste disposal contractors and anyone seeking to use contaminated land or remediate unstable environments.

Above all, our expertise, guidance and project management is geared to saving you money and time while helping you satisfy your legal and market requirements. It includes

  • initial desk research and non-intrusive surveys in line with legislation such as the Environmental Protection Act and Environment Agency guidelines. A site history search may be followed by sampling and prognosis, or a full programme of screening and laboratory testing
  • planning and managing contaminated site remediation to meet planning authority requirements prior to construction or renovation work. We assess the extent of contamination, advise on making the land usable, and provide ongoing analysis of sites at risk
  • mineshaft remediation, including design and management of drainage alterations, sealing and capping, filling, grouting, piling and underpinning to remove the risk of subsidence
  • special site remediation of heavily contaminated areas, and advice on meeting contaminated land conditions issued during the planning process
  • monitoring of landfill sites, checking that methane levels remain legal, assessing the bio-degradation of contaminants, and monitoring the effectiveness of decontamination schemes by checking soil, groundwater and air emissions.

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