Architects, contractors, local authorities and engineers trust Arc Environmental to provide the geotechnical and geoenvironmental data and guidance they need for successful building and remediation projects.

Advice, consultancy, reports and recommendations

Arc Environmental has provided expertise to thousands of construction, renovation and remediation projects around the UK and overseas. The experience we’ve gathered in the process means we will save you time, money and manpower.

  • We deliver fact-filled reporting without jargon, allowing you to go ahead and make plans and decisions on the basis of comprehensive knowledge of a site
  • We provide interpretative reports, discussing the implications of investigations for your specific project, highlighting obstacles that need to be overcome, and above all finding solutions where problems arise
  • We advise on how projects can stay within the law, showing how to meet planning and environmental guidelines and helping you create a reasoned and persuasive case for planning application
  • We research and write validation reports to help you meet local and national standards, advise on pre-application discussions with local planning authorities, and where necessary liaise with the Environment Agency in remediation projects

Find out how we can provide the research and guidance that will make your project a success by calling on 0191 378 6380