Architects, contractors, local authorities and engineers trust Arc Environmental to provide the geotechnical and geoenvironmental data and guidance they need for successful building and remediation projects.

Profile 12

Kevin Moir

Chartered Geologist and Scientist.  Specialising in geotechnics, foundations and contaminated land risk assessment.

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Profile 1

Mark Berriman

Chartered Engineer and Environmentalist.  Specialise in Geoenvironmental assessment, ground contamination and flood risk assessment.

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Profile 7

Terry McMenam

Chartered Environmentalist & Scientist.  Specialises in Project Management of the large number of individual projects handled at ARC, including client liasion, through to the design and pricing of projects, staff management and providing in-house technical assistance.

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Profile 2

Richard Stripp

Investigation of contaminated land, flood risk assessments and invasive weed species

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