Site Investigation at 29Ha site of former paper mill, Aberdeen

09 062 Aerial Photograph (Satellite)

Site Investigation at 29Ha site of former paper mill, Aberdeen

Mugiemoss Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen

Phase 1 Desk Top Study & Phase 2: Ground Investigation Work

Preliminary ground investigation works covering the former Paper Mill site; total site area of 29Ha.

The intrusive investigation works undertaken by Arc Environmental Ltd., comprised:
69 no. windowless sampling boreholes,
19 no. cable percussive boreholes
20 no. mechanically excavated trial pits.
12 no. combined ground gas and groundwater monitoring installations.

These works were carried out to provide a preliminary assessment of the site and highlight any potential issues or liabilities associated with its industrial heritage (ground contamination) and underlying geology; i.e., determine the thicknesses of made ground, drift deposits and the type of bedrock, prior to the site’s disposal and potential future development.

As a result of the works the site was delineated into six areas which have been individually assessed for potential future redevelopment in terms of their geotechnical and ground contamination characteristics.

Subsequent to the ground investigation works completed by Arc Environmental Ltd., and during 2011 outline planning permission was granted for the Mill site and the development represents potential significant brownfield regeneration within Aberdeen comprising a planning application for a residential led mixed use development of between 700-900 residential units and approximately 2000sqm of retail and community uses.

09 062 Drift Deposits Geological Plan

09 062 Aerial Photograph (Satellite)

09 062 Aerial Photograph (Cinders Hill Site)



Tp7 Reinstatement

Tp8 Spoil