Case Studies

  • Dscf0988

    M.O.D SLAM Projects throughout the UK

    Project SLAM (Single Living Accommodation Modernisation) is a government funded project which is delivering modern SLA for our Armed Forces personnel across Great Britain. Arc Environmental Ltd project have managed the ground investigation element of over 25 SLAM projects throughout Catterick Garrison (Gaza Barracks, Helles Barracks, Marne Barracks, Piave Lines, Tankadrome and Vimy Barracks) and RAF Leeming, North Yorkshire as well as other military facilities throughout the Country including DISC Chicksands, Bedfordshire, RAF Halton, Cambridgeshire, RAF Wyton, Cambridgeshire, Whittington Barracks, Staffordshire and RAF Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.

  • Hpim2278

    Remediation of former sawmill, East Yorkshire

    Remediation of this rural site was complex due to the presence of above ground tanks, Japanese Knotweed, a creosote shed/bath.  Creosote contamination was excavated post demolition and extended into a neighbouring property.

    Creosote penetrated fissures in the clays and extended much further than anticipated.

  • Tt6 I

    Detailed utility surveys and follow on intrusive works

    Arc Environmental are experienced in providing detailed utility service surveys, which includes follow on confirmatory trenching and surveying to ensure critical services are mapped for not only diversion and re-use, but also to avoid future damage and health and safety issues

  • Slope Analysis

    Slope Stability Analysis

    Arc Environmental have extensive experience of evaluating the risk of slope instability, slope failure analysis and slope failure remediation.

  • Tr8.10

    Shallow mineworking and shaft investigations

    We undertake comprehensive investigations into risk assessment for shallow coal and mineral mining. This includes detailed mining risk assessment, geophysical investigations, probe drilling and shaft exposing

  • 10 409 Extract From 1967 Northern Gas Board Gas Works Site Plan

    Detailed Desk Top Studies – former Gasworks Site

    Arc Environmental carried out a detailed desk top study of a former gasworks site in Cumbria. This involved not only the standard searches and walkover survey, but also very site specific archive data which detailed past processes in detail

  • Dsc00823

    Gas Membrane validation

    Gas protection validation which typically includes the following:-
    Site visits
    Checking the ventilated floor slab i.e. void former type, active and passive venting and void space
    Gas and vapour barriers - type (i.e. basic or composite), condition (punctures, tears and folds), coverage, joints & overlaps and Service entries
    Reporting and Liaising with the LA

  • 10 529(G) Rotary Core Photographic Record Sheet (Rbh1)

    Detailed rock coring and logging

    Arc Environmental undertake high quality rock coring and logging for full engineering purposes, including evaluation of rock strength for new foundations and piling as well as historical mining assessment

  • Quarry Face 1

    Rock Mass Stability and Geological Surveys

    Arc Environmental undertake a full range of engineering geological services including rock mass stability surveys, Quarry face geotechnical assessments, quarry and landfill design.

  • P3300016

    New Theme Park Ride Site Investigation

    As part of the redevelopment of the former Corkscrew site at Alton Towers Theme Park, Arc Environmental Ltd completed a detailed ground investigation for a new theme park ride, codenamed SW6 (Secret Weapon 6).

  • 09 154 Electromagnetic Survey Data Showing Historical Features

    New School, Grimsby

    Detailed Site Investigation, inlcuding desk top study, geophysical investigation, instrusive investigations and remediation strategy

  • 09 062 Aerial Photograph (Satellite)

    Site Investigation at 29Ha site of former paper mill, Aberdeen

    Large Site Investigation on former Paper Mill Site

  • Dscf0682

    Remediation & Validation of Former Petrol Filling Station

    Arc Environmental Ltd undertook remediation and validation works to verify the effective removal of the former underground fuel storage tanks (UST’s) present at the former Bank Top Garage, West Boldon.

    Following removal of the 2 no. recorded UST’s, a further 10 no. unrecorded UST’s were identified across areas of the site, with these having been decommissioned and infilled with either sand or water. In addition, an underground waste oil tank was recorded on the central portion of the site, this was fully exposed and removed during the removal of the UST’s with the excavation visually inspected for signs of leakage from this tank.

    Following removal of the tanks, a visual identification of the fuel impacted materials surrounding the tanks was made with the these materials placed onto a temporary stockpile. The fuel impacted stockpile materials were fully covered (including base) with plastic sheeting prior to being loaded onto wagons for off site disposal to a suitable waste management facility. On completion of the removal of the fuel impacted materials the excavations were backfilled with clean overburden materials and / or inert materials (i.e. type 1 dolomitic stone).